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Vegetables Beginning With C

    vegetables start with c

    You might be wondering that there are how many vegetables beginning with C in the world. Yeah, it’s true, and it’s challenging to find out the vegetables that start with the letter C.

    But we know how to make this challenge easy for everyone. It would be tough for you to find out the vegetable name and then decide to separate all those vegetables, starting with C. It’s possible, but it will waste your time, and we know how much time is essential for you in your life.

    Time plays a significant role in everyone’s life. We understand the value of your time. That’s why I have decided to make the list of vegetables that start with C. Without wasting your extra time, let’s jump to the list.

    Quick Overview Of The List Of Vegetables Start With C

    1. Cactus 2. Cabbage 3. Canna 4. Carrot 5. Cassava 6. Catsear 7. Cauliflower 8. Celery 9. Chaya 10. Chayote Squash 11. Cherry Tomatoes 12. Chick Pea 13. Chicory 14. Chives 15. Collard Greens 16. Cucumbers 17. Cress 18. Courgette Flowers 19. Crookneck Squash 20. Common Beans

    Vegetables Beginning With C

    All the vegetables in our list are reviewed on a research-based and I have explained everyone in details.

    1. Cactus

    uses of cactus plant in home
    Where to place cactus in home

    Cactus is also called Cacti, and it’s a desert plant. It’s the fact that the leaves and seeds of a desert plant are acclimated into the dry environment. Cactus plant grows in wet places, and many people called deserts places cacti home.

    If you eat more cactus so it will improve your digestion process that digests foods, release nutrients. Try to add Cacti to your home. It will keep the air fresh in your home and remove toxins from the environment that is dangerous for our health. Kindly do not place the cactus plant at the wrong location. Otherwise, it will start to bring poor Feng Shui. That is why it is recommended to place the cactus plant in the living room, bedrooms to overcome lousy Feng Shui.

    2. Cabbage

    is boiled cabbage good for weight loss
    How to make cabbage juice

    Cabbage comes in different colors, but people love to eat cabbage with leafy green, and it is famous all over the world. It also comes in white, white, red, and purple colors. Cabbage is known as good for weight loss, and it will help the skin make it beautiful.

    One cup of cooked cabbage has 33 calories, which is very low in fat and high in fiber, which will help lose weight and keep skin looking healthy and shiny. People love to make juice from cabbage, which is very beneficial for preventing cancer risk.

    3. Canna

    are capers good for you
    What do capers taste like

    It is the caper bush’s green flower buds, which have white color flowers and fleshy leaves. It has a burst of flavors that are mostly used in dishes such as stews and pasta. The taste of the capers have tangy that makes dishes tangy and salty. They are a bit salty due to their manufacturers and storing process.

    The capers are very good for heart health, and it provides a small amount of vitamin C and calcium. As I mentioned above, the capers are used for different varieties of recipes, which is specially used for pasta. It is also popular in a variety of salads. It would be better to keep open capers in the fridge. However, if you have unopened capers, try to keep it on the pantry ( 75 degrees Fahrenheit ).

    4. Carrot

    benefits of carrot juice for skin complexion
    Benefits of drinking carrot juice daily

    The carrot is the best vegetables that are mostly eaten with salads. The carrot has different colors, such as yellow, red, white, and purple. To become healthy, you need to drink the right amount of water required for the human being. That’s why carrot is beneficial for our health because it’s made of 88% of water.

    If you want to boost your immune system, you need to drink carrot juice daily. It will give you good support that is required for your body. Carrot juice will provide sufficient power to your brain function. If you want to know more about the benefits of carrot juice, read these eight benefits of carrot juice.

    5. Cassava

    cassava leaves for blood
    Cassava leaves nutrition

    In Latin words, cassava is called Manihot esculenta. Cassava is the root vegetable that is part of the cassava shrub. The shape of the cassava is just the same as potatoes. Cassava has enough amount of vitamin C and protein. If you cooked the leaves of the cassava or dries them in the sun, they are edible.

    The leaves of the cassava contain lysine, which is very beneficial for our skin. Cassava is also rich in dietary fiber, which is very useful to lose weight quickly. The leaves of the cassava are also good for pregnant women.

    6. Catsear

    How do you kill Flatweed
    Is Catsear poisonous

    Catsear is also known as Flatweed. Catsear was found in lawns, which is the area that is covered with soil and grass. Many people ask about that Is Catsear poisonous? But the simple answer to this is that it is a bit poison for Stringhalt in horses.

    7. Cauliflower

    cauliflower benefits and side effects
    What came first broccoli or cauliflower?

    Cauliflower is a vegetable that looks like broccoli. It is also called the cousin of broccoli. Man makes the cauliflower from wild mustard which becomes later kohlrabi. There is a difference between broccoli and cauliflower because the broccoli has the right amount of vitamins K and C, and cauliflower is best for eye health.

    Many people love to eat the leaves of the broccoli, which is edible, and also the leaves and stem of the cauliflower are edible. Don’t overeat cauliflower because it may create gas and bloat. Broccoli is made first before cauliflower.

    8. Celery

    What part of celery do we eat
    What is celery

    Celery is a vegetable that is similar to parsley, and it is also called Ajmoda. It consists of long stalks and leaves. These both are edible. It is the best source of vitamin C, and it reduces inflammation.

    Celery available mostly in every kitchen, and you can eat every part of the celery. Celery has the proper amount of nutrients that protect your liver. According to appropriate research, I have found that drinking celery juice regularly will help prevent cardiovascular diseases, jaundice, and liver disease.

    9. Chaya

    how to cook chaya leaves
    What is Chaya

    Chaya is a native Mexican shrub, which is a tree of Spanish and originated from Mexico. Chaya is suitable for eye problems and kidneys stones. The taste of the cooked leaves trees of chaya is similar to spinach.

    To cook chaya leaves, you need to wash them properly and place them in a cold water container. Make sure to cook them on low heat for fifteen to twenty minutes. When you know that the chaya leaves become green, delicately remove it from the pot, that’s it. It’s the cooking process of chaya leaves.

    10. Chayote Squash

    chayote benefits and side effects
    What is Chayote Squash

    Chayote is an edible plant that relates to the gourd family. It is also known as mirliton and Choko. It was founded in the ancient world during the Columbian Exchange. The taste of the chayote is the mild cucumber-like flavor.

    The stem, leaves of the chayote, is edible, and it’s often used as a salad in Asia. The size and shape of the chayote are pear-like. If you want to steam the chayote, you need to add them in a pot and add vegetable oil to the cooking pot. Once you know that the oil is hot, then add the chayote and a bit salt. You need to leave them for 1 minute, once cooked, turn off the stove, and pass it to the plate.

    11. Cherry Tomatoes

    how to grow cherry tomatoes from seeds from fresh tomatoes
    How to grow tomatoes from seeds

    It is the type of tomato that is very small in the round shape and looks like a jerry. The roast cherry tomatoes are used in pasta. The taste of the jerry tomatoes is just like other tomatoes, but it’s small in size. That’s why it’s more concentrated and sweet.

    It takes six to eight weeks to grow cherry tomatoes from seeds. If you don’t know how to grow cherry tomatoes from seed in pots, then watch this video.

    12. Chick Pea

    chickpeas benefits
    How to cook chickpeas

    The chickpea is a seasonal plant of the group Fabaceae, subfamily Faboideae. The chickpea has several names, e.g., gram, Bengal gram, garbanzo, and garbanzo bean. You can eat chickpea out of the can but make sure you have correctly washed them.

    Chickpea is a good protein source. It contains several vitamins and minerals, including iron and vitamin B, according to a new study found in North America that eats chickpea less than half a serving a day.

    13. Chicory

    chicory benefits for skin
    Chicory leaves health benefits

    Chickory is a plant that is covered in woods. It is a perennial herbaceous plant with flowers in different colors, such as white and pink. Chicory is used in coffee that has many health benefits. It is used for loss of appetite and upset stomach. Want to know more about chickory read what is chicory and why it’s in your coffee in details.

    Chicory is added to the coffee because it is the root of the chicory plant made from powder and mixes it with coffee. If you drink coffee without chicory, then it will be pure coffee. Chicory coffee will give you good energy and decrease your blood pressure.

    14. Chives

    what to do with a lot of chives
    What is Chives

    Chives is an edible plant that can produce edible flowers and leaves. The scientific name of chives is Allium schoenoprasum. If you have many chives, then use chives in salads, garnish, and vegetable stock. Before providing the vegetable foodservice, add the herb to any dish that will be good looking and tasty.

    I want to clear a few confusion about chives and onions that is it same? If you think they are the same, you are wrong because they are both different things. Green onions have green stalks, and chives have tubular leaves that look like long blades of glass.

    15. Collard Greens

    collard greens nutrition data
    What is Collard greens

    It is the same vegetable like broccoli and cabbage. It refers to the particular loose-leafed cultivars of Brassica oleracea. Collard greens are rich in vitamins, and it contains enough amount of nutrients that block any cancer.

    After overeating collard greens, most of the people have been cause bloating issues. The collard green contains raffinose that has the responsibility of producing gas. That’s why collard greens may hurt your stomach.

    16. Cucumbers

    benefits of eating cucumber at night
    How much cucumber to eat daily

    Cucumber is a plant that is available mostly all over the world. They are very low in calories and contain essential minerals and vitamins to give you good health benefits. The most useful cucumbers benefit is that it will prevent you from different diseases like sugar, HCV, and decrease weight loss.

    Maybe you guys can’t believe, but it’s the reality that I was personally suffering from HCV disease, and many specialists recommend me to eat cucumbers and eggplant to fight with this disease. After a few months of eating cucumbers, carrots, and follow medicine, I beat HCV, and now my HCV test is negative.

    17. Cress

    What are the uses of cress?
    Does Cress regrow after cutting

    It is an edible herb that has aromatic leaves. Cress is perfect for your health. If you are eating CressCress on a daily base so it will help you in improving the bowel movements which the last stop progression of meals through the digestive tract.

    The CressCress has used to make medicine, Cress the best plant that regrows after cutting very quickly. You need to cut the plant of Cress when you know that it’s 3-4 inch tall.

    18. Courgette Flowers

    What is courgette flowers
    How do you clean courgette flowers

    Courgette is a flower, but it has two different types of flowers. Male and Female, Now let’s see what’s the difference between male and female Courgette flowers. There is a small difference between those two because first plants produce male flowers which bear no fruits, and later slowly they become converting into female flowers, these will have a unique ‘swelling’ backwards the flowers.

    You can eat courgette flowers raw. The taste of the Courtage flowers are little of Courtage and mostly of themselves. Clean Courtage flowers before eating.

    19. Crookneck Squash

    how to cook crookneck squash in the oven
    What is crookneck squash.

    It is also called yellow squash because of its colour. Crookneck squash includes pumpkins and summer squashes. It’s is the way that you can prepare to cook yellow squash quickly.

    • If you large squash then cut it into pieces and wash the squash with the cold water.
    • Add olive oil and add squash and onions to the skillet.
    • Once you know, it’s cooked then add salt, Leave squash, and onions until cook.

    20. Common Beans

    Where do beans come from
    How many types of beans are there

    This is the last vegetables that start with c, Many people consider beans as poor people meats, and it’s the favourite dish of Pathan. It doesn’t mean that Pathans are poor peoples, but Pathan loves to eat fries beans. Fries bean are the favourite dish of many Pakistani cricket stars, the origin of the beans from South America.

    Beans are made of haricot beans, and it is also called navy beans. There are different types of beans all over the world, and it comes in more than 40, 000+ verities. Fava is the oldest beans, but it’s rich in protein-rich legumes.


    That was all about vegetables starting with c, Before ending this article, I was hoping you could tell you about vegetables that it’s a plant that is consumed by humans and animals as well. Mostly vegetables plants leaves and seed are edible.

    I have written this article on researched-based and explain every vegetable in details. If you want to check out just a quick overview of all vegetables beginning with C, then I have mentioned name above as well as explain every vegetable in details reviewed it.

    What is your favorite vegetables that start with c? And Why? Let us know in the comments section.